Work Permits

Entry Visa and Work Permits

Foreigners do work permit applications to the Republic of Turkey representative in the country of which they are permanent resident or a citizen. The documents submitted to representative offices must be delivered to the ministry within maximum 10 days by employers. Foreigners who had already at least 6 months residence permit can do application directly to the ministry.

There are 3 types of work permits:

  1. Temporary Work Permit

Temporary work permits can be taken only by employers on behalf of employees. Validity area can be extended or limited by the ministry in terms of city and geographical area.

After one year of legal working period, work permits can be extended for maximum two years in case working for same employer with same occupation.

After three years of legal working period, work permits can extended for maximum three years with same occupation but this time with any employers.

Work permits can be given to spouses and dependent children in case they are legally reside continuously for five years.

  1. Permanent Work Permit

Permanent work permits can be given to foreigners who are legally resided continuously for eight years or who have six years legal working period in total. Foreigners can prove their eight years of residency by gaining a document taken from security offices. Period of study is not taken in consideration of in assessment of applications. However, period of study is taken in consideration for those who came as wife and children of work permit holder.

  1. Independent Work Permit

Independent work permits can be given to foreigners who are legally resident continuously for five years. In addition, their works must be value added in terms of economic development and employment creation.


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