Doing Business in Turkey

Doing Business in Turkey .com is the leading business news and information portal that provides lots of resources for global entrepreneurs and corporates who consider starting or operating a business in Turkey. The guides and information inside the portal are free to access service edited by the Bilgener team. Bilgener is a leading Turkish corporate service provider group which consists of several expert firms each concentrate in different areas of consulting business. The main objective of the group is to help global entrepreneurs and corporates start and operate a business in Turkey by providing all corporate services they need in a single point. The group has been providing globally recognized services since 1995 to both global and local entrepreneurs by seamlessly combining Turkish business culture with those of the World.

The guide has been produced by Bilgener team for the benefit of those who are starting or operating a business in Turkey. We aim to provide a broad overview of the various things that should be taken into account by organizations considering setting up business in Turkey.


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