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Turkey Ranks 7th Best Country to Live and Work by Expats

According to the latest HSBC Expat Explorer report, Turkey ranked as the 7th best country in the world for international workers by the expats living in Turkey. The survey explores the opportunities offered by countries in terms of quality of life, work-life balance, financial return, and family life.

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Important Things You Need to Know Before Living in Turkey

Turkey has much to offer for all foreigners who are planning to live in the country. With its infrastructure, the standard of living, the low cost of living, the uncomplicated process of getting work permit or residence permit, currency rate of TL, and advantage of getting Turkish citizenship by investment, living in Turkey is a great idea for all foreign nationals.

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Publications to Follow About Turkish Economy

Turkey with a large domestic market and growing economy, qualified and competitive labor force, population and low taxes and incentives offers a liberal and reformist investment climate for foreign investors. Turkey’s largely free-market economy is driven by its industry, service, and agriculture sectors.

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Incentives Provided for Foreign Investors in Turkey

Turkey offers a lot of opportunities for foreign investors with the country’s low operating costs, local manufacturers, unpenetrated markets and high consumer spending. There are also other benefits such as the right to paying no double taxation, if you are a foreign investor in Turkey you only pay taxes in Turkey…

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Benefits of Establishing a Business in Turkey

Turkey, among the fastest growing economies in the world, is one of the best places to expand your business. With its thriving economy, geopolitical position, promising growth opportunities, the hard-working business community, and a young population, the country attracts foreign investors from all over the world.


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